Remove your upper lip hair with these easy home remedies, click to know!


Every woman is more concerned about her beauty. To get soft, soft, and beautiful skin, women often use many cosmetics by going to the beauty parlor.

Not only this, but she also uses many methods to remove unwanted hair from her body and skin. Although some of these methods are beneficial, some prove to be harmful as well.

Especially women feel uncomfortable with the hair above the lips. But to remove the hair above the lips i.e. the hair of the upper lip, special attention is needed. But today we have brought for you five such home remedies, which naturally get rid of the hair above your lips and that too without causing any harm.


1- Egg white and turmeric recipe

To get rid of upper lip hair, you need one teaspoon of turmeric and 1 egg white. Then mix turmeric in egg white and apply it to the upper lip. After about an hour, pull off this mask and wash it off with warm water.

By repeating this process four times a week, you can get rid of upper lip hair completely.

2- Recipe of curd, gram flour, and turmeric

Take two spoons of curd, two spoons of turmeric powder, and two spoons of gram flour and mix them well in a bowl. Then apply this mixture to the upper part of your lips and leave it for about 15 minutes. After that rub off this paste and wash your skin with warm water.

By trying this recipe, your upper lip hair will not only come out, but the skin in that area will also become white.


3- Corn flour and milk

Make a thick paste by mixing half a teaspoon of corn flour and a cup of milk in a bowl. Apply this paste to the upper lip area and leave it like this for about 20 minutes. Then pull it out. Repeating this process twice a week can easily get rid of upper lip hair.