Remedy for good sleep: If you also do not sleep at night, then do this remedy at home...


Insomnia Home Remedy: The eyes get so tired while looking at the computer, TV and mobile screen throughout the day that nowadays people have started having trouble sleeping. This problem is also called insomnia. However, these are not the only reasons responsible for insomnia. Cause of Insomnia can also be due to many health-related problems, such as excessive tiredness, poor bed, change of sleeping place, noise around and sleeping till late in the day. Today we are telling you such measures that you will sleep by selling horses tonight.


Sleeping is the most important thing to sleep well at night. By sleeping, our body gets fully recharged and the traces of fatigue disappear. If you do not sleep, then you should massage your feet before sleeping at night. Massaging before sleeping also improves blood circulation in the body. Not only this but massaging also enhances the beauty of your feet. If you want to give rest to the feet and eliminate the symptoms of fatigue, then regularly massage the feet before sleeping at night.

Massage with which oil
Foot massage is fine for good sleep, but a question also arises which oil to use for massage? Which oil is good to use for a foot massage? This question will be in the mind of every person who is unable to sleep properly at night and wants a good sleep. So know with which oil to massage the feet.

Use of coconut oil
If you keep changing sides at night for hours after going to bed and cannot sleep, then massaging your feet with lukewarm coconut oil before going to bed will give you relief. Feet absorb coconut oil well. After massaging with lukewarm coconut oil, not only will you get deep sleep, but it also nourishes the feet.

Massaging the feet with lukewarm coconut oil before sleeping at night will not only help you sleep well, but your feet will also become soft. One of the benefits of massaging the feet with coconut oil is that the blood circulation in the feet becomes good. Not only this, but it can also remove the problem of torn ankles. Massage of coconut oil keeps the moisture in the feet and there is no problem with dry skin. If you want to massage the feet with lukewarm coconut oil for good sleep, then first wash the feet thoroughly and clean them. Wash your feet with soap and scrub. After washing, dry the feet thoroughly with a soft towel.


Massage like this
When you go to bed to sleep at night, lie down comfortably. After this, take a few drops of lukewarm coconut oil and massage both feet one by one. First of all massage the soles of the feet. After this, gently massage the toes and ankles with soft hands. If you want a good sleep at night, then massage each foot for 5-10 minutes. After massaging, wipe off the excess oil on the feet with a clean cloth or tissue paper. But you should take care not to rub your feet too much with the towel.