Religion News : You can do these 5 auspicious things on Vasant Panchami without seeing the auspicious time


You do not need any kind of auspicious time to get married on Vasant Panchami, you can get married anytime on this day.

The worship day of Vasant Panchami is auspicious, so if you want to renovate your house or buy a new house, then you can do that work at this festival.

On Vasant Panchami, you can do Griha Pravesh in a new house at any time throughout the day.

Apart from marriage, performing auspicious rituals like Mundan Sanskar, Janeu Sanskar, and Annaprashan Sanskar on the day of Vasant Panchami is also auspicious.

If you just want to do puja or havan at home, then you can do these things on the day of Basant Panchami.

The day of Vasant Panchami is very auspicious for starting any new work, investment or even starting a job.