Religion News : Gupta Navratri begins, do not commit these mistakes in these 9 days


At the time of Gupta Navratri, one should avoid consuming tamasik things like onion, and garlic.

Hair and beard should not be cut during Gupta Navratri, it is believed that by doing this, Maa Durga can get angry.

Meat-alcohol should not be consumed during the nine days of Gupta Navratri, satvik food should be eaten during these days.

Leather things should be avoided during Gupta Navratri, keep away from leather purses, wallets, belts, or any such items

One should observe celibacy for nine days of Gupta Navratri

Keep your body and mind completely pure during these nine days of Gupta Navratri, during this time do not utter bad words, and do not get angry with anyone.