Religion : Do these simple remedies of betel nut for good luck


It is believed that after worship, this betel nut should be kept in the locker where the money is kept, it is considered a trick to bring money to the house.

Worship the Peepal tree on Saturday night and keep one rupee coin and a betel nut, on the next day pluck a leaf from the same tree and keep the betel nut and coin in it and tie it with a red colored thread and keep it in your vault.

If any of your work is stuck, keep two cloves and a betel nut in your purse and keep the clove in your mouth at the time of work and offer the betel nut to a temple, this will remove the obstacle in the work.

Put abeer on a betel nut and keep it in a silver box and place it in the worship place of the house on a full moon night, it solves the obstacles in a marriage.

Make a swastika symbol on a leaf with vermilion and desi ghee, now wrap a betel nut in a kalawa and keep it on this leaf and worship it, by doing this remedy the obstacles will be removed.

Put the betel nut in a silver vessel in the east or north direction of the house, by doing this the negative energy of the house will be completely destroyed.