Relationship tips: Men should take care of these things on the first night after marriage


Privacy is very important on honeymoon,

First of all, privacy should be taken care of on the day of the honeymoon. The place should be chosen where there is no one other than the two of you so that there is no disturbance. May Papa's angel who came from Papa's house feel safe and worry-free. Because the bride is very scared and hesitant on the first night. In such a situation, every knock scares him. The groom Mian should make sure that on the day of Suhagraat, the bride is only accompanied by him.


Be comfortable with the bride

The groom should be comfortable with the bride on the first night. You should talk to him. He should be made to realize that this too is his home. He will always stand by her side. The girl sees a glimpse of her father in her husband. Just as a father pampers his beloved, in the same way the husband must take care of his wife. On the day of the honeymoon, the husband should try to win the trust of his wife.

Take care of sexual safety

On the first night of marriage, men become so uncontrollable that they do not take care of sexual safety. But protection is necessary. This will not only keep you away from any possible worries but will also keep you safe from many types of STDs. 


Know the partner's feeling

Make physical relations with the wife on the first night only when she also agrees to it. A physical relationship with consent is a relationship. Otherwise, she comes under the purview of coercion. Understand the feeling of your partner and ask if he is ready for it. If he agrees, then he does not move forward, then first understand each other and then start a new relationship.