Relationship Tips: What is post wedding depression and how to deal with it?


Weddings are unofficial festivals in our country. They bring whole relatives and friends together. It takes months of preparation for this and then it is over. Imagine you are investing in something and giving your life and it just goes away in a jiffy and you don't even realize it. Post-marriage depression is a real thing. It makes the newly married man or woman feel empty and hollow.


What is post-marriage depression?
Post-wedding depression occurs when the bride or groom starts feeling depressed, and lacking interest in the activities of their day-to-day life. However, unlike clinical depression, post-marital depression is limited to matters related to marriage or marriage. This can happen even if you are newly married. You go through a lot during your marriage, once you complete it you start feeling like your life has no purpose and your life becomes extremely monotonous.

These tips will help

Analyze your feelings and understand them
It is very important for you not to jump to any conclusions and sit down and analyze your feelings.

Create a gratitude jar
When you are going through depression it is very easy for you to feel low and lost. It is important that you have positive notes that you can take out of the jar to make yourself feel good.


Talk to your spouse about it
Your spouse is supposed to be your wingman or woman. It is very important that you talk to him and share what you are feeling. Firstly you will feel very light and secondly it will make you realize what phase you are going through.

Remember how strong you are and this time too shall pass
You just have to believe in one truth of life, that is, this phase will pass. Nothing lasts forever and it won't be either. You must be ready to seek help and get out of the phase in which you are stuck. Keep reminding yourself that you are the strongest of all.