Relationship Tips: Unknowingly these habits spoil your relationship, know about them....


Relationship Tips: Starting a relationship is easy, but maintaining it is difficult. It takes a lot of effort to maintain a lifelong relationship. However, in the process of dreaming of that wonderful 'forever', we unknowingly end up ruining our relationship. Due to small things and habits, there is a rift in the relationship, which later takes the relationship to the brink of breaking up.


To analyze what is going wrong in your relationship, you have to introspect and see the situation from a new angle. If you are unaware of what is going wrong in your relationship, then look out for these signs and rule them out from your habits.

Give too much
If you are stuck in a relationship, it can take a wrong turn for you anytime. You can be the only giver in this relationship, who always plans things. Let's go a step ahead, make every possible effort to continue the relationship, and ask for everything from the partner. However, this can make you lose your value in the relationship. Also, can make the other person feel suffocated. They might even take you for granted.

Not talking about differences
Every person is not the same. You might be the kind of person who prefers to stay away from fights to save the relationship but needs to vent aggression to make the other person feel good. If there is a difference of opinion between the two of you, then instead of pretending that everything is fine, talk to him about it.

Cross the line
There are some unspoken boundaries in every relationship. Even if the two of you share everything, it's always good to respect the other person's privacy. Don't force a person to share everything, it will make them feel trapped.


Playing the victim card
When you two argue, or something goes wrong, you tend to get emotional and manipulate your partner. To look good in the eyes of your partner, you try to act innocent and play the victim card. This unintentional mistake ruins your relationship in the long run.