Relationship Tips: Too much of physical intimacy for women can take a toll on their health! Know more...


Physical intimacy can also increase when the attraction towards the partner increases. Many women are very active sexually. In such a situation, women like to be involved in physical intimacy again and again. Due to this, not only the sex section starts increasing but the time of the sex section also increases. If you are also very physically intimate then you should know how much physical intimacy is healthy for you. Is Too Much Physical Intimacy Bad For You? There is nothing like more sex until you and your partner are satisfied during physical intimacy. There is no limit to how physically intimate it is necessary. But being too physically intimate can lead to many physical problems. From these physical signs, you come to know that physical intimacy is increasing a lot. Let us know which are these signs.


Vaginal dryness
Due to involvement in too much sex section, vaginal dryness starts to happen. This is very painful. Women often face this problem when physical intimacy increases.

Women may have the problem of vaginal swelling after having too much sex. Due to this, women may have to face a condition like vaginal excoriation. Due to this, there can be a lot of burning, pain and swelling in the urine. In such a situation, it is also good to avoid rough sex and excessive sex.

Urinary tract infection
Many sexually active women are troubled by the problem of urinary tract infections. This problem can also increase due to having sex with different partners. So avoid doing this.


Back pain
Due to sudden movement during physical intimacy, there is a lot of pressure on the lower back. This can cause the problem of back pain. When physical intimacy increases, one usually has to face the problem of pain in the lower part of the back.