Relationship Tips: This is the best time for physical intimacy, men must follow these 5 Ayurvedic tips..


Ayurveda is a very old healing system. In this, many home remedies have been told for many health problems. In Ayurveda, many measures have also been given to improve the sex life of men. Men can increase their sex drive by following these tips. According to research, the reason for the decrease in sexual arousal can be stress or hormonal imbalance. In such a situation, there is no need to panic. You can also follow the Ayurvedic tips given here to balance hormones and increase your sex drive.


Coconut oil
You can use coconut oil as a natural lubricant. By using oil, you can perform better during physical intimacy. But don't use oil with latex condoms.

Ashwagandha helps in increasing the sex drive. It helps in increasing your energy and stamina. It helps in balancing your hormones. Helps in treating erectile dysfunction. You can consume its Ashwagandha powder with milk. Apart from this, you can also eat it in the form of a tablet.

Many yoga poses have been told in Ayurveda. You can also do these regularly. They work to increase your sex drive. These are great for your leg and core strength. You should also do standing lunges, squats and seat twists daily. They help in improving your sexual health. You can also do a couple of yoga for a good connection. This also improves the chemistry between you and your partner.


Right time
Most people like to make physical relations at night. But in Ayurveda morning is a good time to be physically intimate. During this, your stamina and energy remain very high. Winter and the beginning of spring are good seasons to have a physical relationship. However, stamina remains less in summer. Lethargy remains more.