Relationship Tips: These things hurt the partner, never make these mistakes......


Many times people behave like this with their partner in a relationship. which hurts his heart. In a relationship, people trust and share their strengths and weaknesses. In such a situation, if the partner makes fun of you for not understanding your words. So that sounds bad. So somewhere you also do not behave like this with your partner. If yes, then be careful because this behavior for a long time creates a rift in the relationship, and sometimes there is a chance of breaking the relationship.


To make fun of
Making jokes seems to be quite a common thing, but if you make fun of any habit or weakness of the partner among people, then it can hurt the heart of the partner.

Every time you want
If you plan together with your partner and at last do only your mind. So even this hurts the partner. By doing this he starts to feel that his words have no value in your eyes.

Break promise
If you make a promise to your partner and break it in no time, then it can make your partner feel bad. At the same time, rejecting every choice of the partner also hurts his heart.


Feelings are necessary
Love your partner but don't show it. And if the partner is expressing his feelings from the front, then ignore him. So doing so creates a rift in the relationship. Because doing this for a long time causes deep hurt to the partner's heart.

Act of forgetting
You forget your partner's birthday or any special day. This happens for a long time and your name it forgetting. So the partner may find this thing bad.