Relationship Tips: These habits cause discord in your relationship, learn and change them


It is not an easy task to handle this relationship after marriage. After marriage, when you start living with each other, then you get to know about each other very well and sometimes some of your habits become the cause of discord in this relationship. Yes, in the initial days, everything related to the partner looks good, but as soon as some of their bad habits start coming out, sourness starts growing in the relationship. Sometimes the relationship breaks down. In such a situation, today in this episode we are going to tell you that due to which reasons or habits there is a rift in the relationship so that they can be removed in time. So let's know about them.


Controlling partner
If only one person in your relationship makes all the decisions and tells the other what to do, when to do it, it can weaken the relationship. In some relationships, partners also keep their control over what to wear, with whom to spend time etc. In such a situation, the partner in front may be upset, in this situation he may not feel happy with you.

Always criticizing partner
Often partners in a relationship criticize their partner for every little thing. They stop at everything. They feel that the habits of the partner should be according to them, due to which they keep taking out their mistakes. If the partner does this sometimes then it can be ignored but if it is part of their habit then their relationship can deteriorate.

The habit of violence can ruin even a happy relationship. So never use violent element like hitting, abusing etc in your relationship. When someone pressures you to have sex against the wishes of the other, it can affect your love story or relationship. Therefore, avoid doing any such violence, which causes trouble to your partner.

To lie
If a lie is told to the life partner and the truth of that matter comes out in front of him, then it can cause bitterness in the relationship. Slowly trust starts breaking and even if you speak the truth in any situation, it will seem like a lie. It is good, try to fix things in the first place and keep yourself away from the habit of lying.

To threaten repeatedly
If you threaten your partner with violence or breakup even over small things, then change this habit immediately. Because the habit of threatening repeatedly can make your relationship badly weakened.


In everything, Tokataki works very fast to spoil your relationship. It has often been seen that couples keep advising each other to do this do not do that. This habit is not going to be digested by your partner for a long time. So change this bad habit immediately.