Relationship Tips: Never ask this question to strengthen the relationship with your partner, the relationship will be long lasting..


Relationship Tips: Some people try their best to make their relationship long-lasting. But sometimes some mistakes made knowingly or unknowingly overshadow the relationship and the relationship comes on the verge of breaking. However, to make the relationship long-lasting, you should not ask your partner some questions even by mistake. Otherwise, it can cause problems in your relationship. The door of any relationship rests on trust and transparency. In such a situation, of course, people in a relationship can ask each other anything by being frank. But some questions can weaken your relationship instead of strengthening it. That's why we are going to share with you some relationship tips, following which you can save your relationship from breaking for a long time.


Questions related to x
To make the relationship long-lasting, never ask your partner questions about his ex. Especially girls are very emotional about their ex. In such a situation, deliberately asking questions about X can hurt your partner and by doing this repeatedly, your relationship starts to weaken.

Friends details
Of course, in a relationship, you should know about your partner's friends. But never object to your partner's friends. In the case of friends, try to give space to your partner and do not ask too many questions about their friends.

Social media password
The password on social media is in almost everyone's account. However, no matter how close you are to your partner in the relationship, avoid asking them for their account password. Your partner may feel bad about this habit of yours. So try to give personal space to the partner and do not ask for their phone or account password.


Salary-related questions
To make the relationship strong, avoid asking your partner questions related to his pocket money and salary. By doing this, your partner will feel that your focus is only on their money. That's why don't check the partner's income at all.