Relationship Tips: If you want to help your partner in stress, then do these work, the relationship will be strong, know here...


Relationship Tips: When you are in a relationship with someone, you want to support your partner in good and bad times. In such a situation, if your partner is ever under stress, then you want to help him in every possible way. But it is not necessary that this effort of yours will reduce their stress or you will make all their work easy. Counselor therapist Lucille Shackleton, while sharing her Instagram post, said that in a relationship, you don't need to ease every difficulty of your partner or eliminate his stress.


He said that you should always keep in mind that being a good partner is a lifelong 'work in progress process, in which you may not understand your partner correctly every time. Because you are neither a mind reader nor a psychologist. Yes, it is definitely that if you follow some things, then you will not work to increase the tension of the partner, due to which they will feel relaxed with you.

Help in partner's stress in this way
Keep calm

If you remain calm, then your partner will also be able to remain calm and think better. If you remain unstable or restless, then it is possible that he will become even more upset.

Listen to her
Sometimes speaking your words exactly also reduces the tension. Therefore, if your partner wants to say something, then listen to his words and try to understand him.

Make your partner realize that you are taking their words seriously and fully understanding their experience.

Ask for help
You ask your partner how you can help them or what should I do from your side to reduce their stress. For example, drink tea, or coffee, give black chocolate, give a head massage, or play any favorite music.


Try the solution
If you feel that you understand the point and you can do something, then try from your side to reduce their stress.