Relationship Tips: For a strong relationship never ask these questions to your girlfriend, know about them...


Whether it is a boy or a girl, the relationship is very important for everyone. Taking care of every little thing about your boyfriend or girlfriend and understanding each other's feelings is very important in a relationship. But sometimes unknowingly some things should not be asked of your girlfriend. Otherwise, she may not only be angry. Rather, if things go wrong, it can lead to the breakdown of the relationship. In such a situation, know which questions should never be asked to girlfriends.


About ex
Never ask your girlfriend about her ex. Unless she talks to you about her ex-boyfriend. By the way, girls are mostly emotional about their ex-boyfriends and do not want to talk to anyone about it. In such a situation, if you are currently with her, then never get information about her ex.

Don't even ask about friends
Nowadays everyone has both boy and girl friends. In such a situation, only girls of your girlfriends don't need to be friends. Some boys can also join this friendship. In such a situation, asking her about friends or preventing her from meeting mail friends can make girlfriends feel bad. It can even become a reason for conflict.


Question about password
Almost everyone is active on social media. In such a situation, she may feel bad about asking for the password of her social media account. Because it's like entering her personal space. If you ask the girlfriend about the password, then she may get angry with you or even break the relationship.

About Money
How much pocket money does your girlfriend get or how much is her salary. Never ask such a question to your girlfriend. Because it can make her feel that you have your eyes on her money. Or her boyfriend wants to avoid expenses. Therefore, if you want a long relationship, then ask such questions very thoughtfully.