Relationship Tips: Every couple makes these 3 mistakes after a fight!


* You must have seen that every husband and wife, after a quarrel between themselves, often try to show each other as if nothing has happened between them and they do not even talk to each other for a long time or for a day or two. Do not do it but do you know that doing so complicates the problems more than solving them. After a fight, when your anger cools down, both of you should talk together and apologize to each other.

* At present, in the era of social media, it is seen that somewhere husband and wife taunt each other on social media after a quarrel or try somewhere to prove themselves right. But do you know that doing this by you can break your relationship. Because people sometimes post such things in anger that make your personal things public, so whenever there is a fight between husband and wife, do not make the mistake of writing anything about it on social media.


* You must have seen that whenever there are quarrels between husband and wife, then both of them do not solve the matter thinking that the matter may not escalate further. But it is necessary to resolve the issue on which there was a fight so that such a situation never arises in the future. Your relationship can move forward only after explaining the issue on which there is a fight between you two, so talk to each other and resolve the issues of the fight.