Relationship Tips: Do not make these mistake in the initial days of dating, the new relationship will deteriorate, know here...


Dating Tips: When two people come into a relationship and start dating each other, they try their best to make their relationship successful. As soon as it comes to the relationship, people keep trying to keep the relationship deep with their partner. He wants to impress her partner. Take care of their likes or dislikes. But many times, when a new relationship is formed, couples make some such mistakes in enthusiasm, then raise doubts for them in the partner's mind. If you are in the early days of dating and relationships, then avoid doing these mistakes.


Make hassle
When you enter a new relationship and start dating, be careful in the initial days. Do not rush into everything with your partner at the very beginning of dating. To keep the love and respect in the relationship for a long time, take thoughtful steps. Try to understand each other in the initial time of the relationship so that the relationship becomes stronger. Do not take hasty decisions about anything.

Don't mention ex
When people come into a relationship, you should forget your old relationship or ex. If you are unable to forget the ex in the early stages of dating and only talk about them in front of your partner, then there can be tension in the relationship. So don't mention X to your partner at the beginning of dating.

Don't compare
After coming into the relationship, do not compare the partner with X or your old relationship with this relationship. Partner does not like it at all when people repeatedly compare them with an ex.


Defense of the relationship
Sometimes petty quarrels and estrangements happen, but forgetting anger and ego, you should reconcile with your partner. Sometimes you have to bow down to keep the relationship strong. One should talk to the partner about the possibility of any estrangement and try to save the relationship.