Relationship Tips: Are you also a victim of anxiety in your relationship? Identify these symptoms, know here...


Relationship Anxiety Symptoms: It is normal to have anxiety when you are in a relationship. Some people feel more insecure about the relationship, while some people start living under the shadow of doubt and fear. Let me tell you that worrying like this is only harmful to you. If the things do not affect your relationship too much, do not think much about them. These unnecessary worries can increase so much at times that they can affect your daily life and can increase the distance in your healthy relationship.


Don't over think
Actually when we start thinking more then we start guessing what our partner is doing and its effect starts falling on our behavior. In such a situation, it is necessary to know first that we are not worrying excessively. Doing this can cause a rift in the relationship.

Signs of anxiety in a relationship
– You start thinking all the time that they are not happy and maybe I am the reason.

- he is angry. Why did he get angry because of some wrongdoing of mine?

- He is behaving strangely. Will he leave me?

-Why is he not replying to my messages? He probably doesn't want to be with me.

- Does he love me? how do I know the truth

– Why did he say that to me? Is he not interested in me anymore? Is everything coming to an end?


The relationship can be affected
This is a normal thing when you think more about the relationship. You should be aware that thinking so much is not changing your behavior or behavior. You can ask such a question regarding the relationship, but if your behavior starts changing regarding your relationship and partner, then it can create difficulties. Negative thinking can become a danger bell for your relationship.