Relationship Tips: Are such things of yours hurting your partner? Know how to save relations...


Relationship Tips: The relationship between two people is built on mutual understanding and trust. This faith and trust include all those things which help to cover and overcome the shortcomings and shortcomings between them. People's confidence increases with the trust of their partner and they do not feel any hesitation in sharing everything. But what if amid so much trust, if ever your partner makes fun of you? It sounds heartbreaking.


Many times we start making fun of our partner's feelings and end up doing something that hurts our partner's heart a lot. Therapist Lucille Shackleton has shared information about this on her Instagram post. Come, let us know which things in the relationship can hurt your partner.

Hurtful things in a relationship
To make fun of

If you make fun of any habit of your partner among people, then this act of yours can hurt them.

Break promise
If you have promised something but the very next moment you break it, then it can make your partner feel bad.

Do your own thing
If both of you have taken a decision together, but later on, ignoring the wishes of your partner, you take a separate decision, then this can create distance in your relationship.

Ignoring partner choice
If you do not respect your partner's choice and ignore his/her likes and dislikes, then the partner may get hurt.

The expression of the emotions
If you are not sharing your feelings these days and ignoring them, then your partner may feel bad because of this.

Take no responsibility
If you completely turn a blind eye to something that has happened in history and does not take responsibility for it, then it is a matter of hurt.


 Act to forget
If you are acting to forget to avoid something or want to tell that you do not remember, then your partner may feel bad about this. Especially if that thing is related to your partner.