Relationship: Improve the relationship with positive thinking in married life, read the opinion of relationship expert


Whether you are in a relationship or married, if you want to save your relationship then there are some mistakes to be avoided. Small fights and arguments are common in a relationship. Often after such conflict, the relationship gets back on track. But sometimes the dispute escalates and the relationship breaks down. In such a situation, you should avoid making some mistakes, so that your relationship can last for a long time.

You should always be faithful to your spouse. Cheating is the biggest mistake that ruins a relationship. On the other hand, when most people come into a relationship, they expect loyalty from their partner. If you cheat, their trust will be broken. Therefore, cheating with a partner should be avoided.

It is very important to communicate with each other to maintain a good relationship and love. If you are not able to take some time out every day for your partner, it can affect your relationship in the long run. Therefore communication among themselves is very important. It is worth noting that by not giving time to the partner, the love between you ends, and your relationship can break.


Lying or hiding gradually leads to suspicion and suspicion can ruin any relationship. Many times people lie to their partner thinking that if this happens then they will handle the situation. But if such lies are exposed again and again then there can be a rift in your relationship. That's why you should always be loyal to your partner.