Relation Tips: Why married people get involved in an extramarital affair! Click here to know the reason!


Husband wife relationship is the most important and delicate relationship in our life, which rests on the delicate phase of trust between husband and wife. If there is a slight decrease in trust between these two, then many problems start coming into our married life. Usually, trouble starts between husband and wife when a third person enters between the married couple, in the present time it is seen that some people remain involved in extramarital affairs even after getting married. IAS let us tell you through the medium why married people do such acts. Let's know -

* Expected emotional support:

When a person is newly married, husband and wife are ready to give their lives for each other, but as time passes, the emotional attachment between them decreases, many times in their life such There are also difficult situations in which a person wants to be a pamper. And then he comes to the life partner to find a shoulder but if he cannot get support from his life partner then he starts looking for someone else for emotional support.


* Lack of attention is also a reason:

After marriage, whether a woman or a man, if there is no involvement of the life partner in his life, then he starts falling prey to the feeling of loneliness. Lack of attention plays a big role in a relationship because every couple wants their work to be praised. But many times they are not given full attention, then in such a situation, they start getting their confidence, and in such a situation they start finding their happiness in some other person. And then from here, extra-marital affairs start in people's life, due to which their married life can be completely spoiled.

* Bitterness in married life:

Married people often fall into an affair even after marriage because their married life is not going well. After all, after bitterness in their relationship, everyone looks for a better life. So always feel the lack of a partner and avoid fighting as much as possible, it is normal to have estrangement between husband and wife, but it should not be maintained for long and by apologizing to each other, end your relationship.