Relation Tips: Boys with these habits do not like girls at all!


* The habit of boys being selfish:

Girls never like those boys who are always selfish and always think only and only about themselves, such boys always ignore the likes and dislikes of their female partner. That is why whenever a boy is with a girl, he should not think only of himself.

* Habit of lying

Girls also do not like those boys who always lie because girls do not tolerate lies at all. Sch boys who often make excuses or refuse to do some work, their female partner is very angry because of this bad habit of yours, girls do not like you, so leave this allegation as soon as possible.


* Intoxication habit:

At present, both boys and girls take drugs, but girls who are serious about their relationship do not like drug addicts because both their home and relationship are ruined by alcohol and cigarettes.