Relation Tips: After marriage, there is a lot of remembrance of maternal uncle, so follow these tips


Relationship Tips: Marriage is the turning point in every girl's life, where she has to adopt many changes. The biggest change is that the family in which she was born grows up, she has to leave and join the husband's family. After farewell, the girl goes to live in her husband's house. He has to adjust to a new relationship and a new family. But it is not so easy for any girl to leave her parents, siblings and home and adopt another family. He misses his maternal home amidst the new family, unknown people. 'If there was a mother, she would have done this, if there was a father, she would have done this.' These thoughts come in his mind and now the thought of staying away from that house forever keeps haunting him. In such a situation, in the early days of marriage, girls often start feeling home sickness. She misses her maternal home and wants to go home. However this is not possible. Therefore, if you miss your maternal home after marriage, then you can adopt these easy tips.


Don't be alone
It is often seen that after marriage, the new bride stays in her room most of the time. She has neither got any responsibility in the new family till now nor has she been able to fully mingle with the family to feel comfortable with them. That's why she likes to stay in the room. But when he is alone, he starts missing his maternal uncle more. So try not to be alone in the room. Spend time with mother-in-law, sister-in-law or in-laws' children. This will also strengthen your relationship with them and you will miss your maternal home due to being busy.

Talk on video call
It is natural to miss home. But after marriage, avoid going to the in-laws' house again and again, rather, if you remember, you can call your maternal home and talk to your family. Now video call has made everything easy. You can video call your parents, siblings. This will make you feel that you are with them.


Get favorite food ordered from maternal home
If you remember home, if you can get that dish made by mother's hands, then you like it very much. Like mother's hand made laddus, dahi bhalle or whatever dish is your favorite, ask mother to prepare and send it for you. Seeing your favorite dish, the mood will not only be fresh, but it will feel like you are with your mother. This will also reduce the memory of your maternal home.