Recipe Tips: You must not have eaten almond kheer, it is easy to make



Almonds - 2.5 cups

Milk - 3 liters

Saffron - 3 teaspoons

Desi ghee - 2 teaspoons

Cardamom powder - 2 teaspoons

Sugar - as needed


Making almond kheer is very easy. If you also want to make almond kheer, then you have to first put almonds in the bowl and then soak these almonds in hot water for 20 minutes. After this, take out the almonds and pour cold water over them. Now you have to blend the almonds by putting them in the mixer and prepare a paste from the blended almonds. After this fry them well in ghee. Once the paste is fried well, add milk to it and let it heat up. After this add cardamom powder, sugar, and saffron to it.