Recipe Tips: You can make delicious white sauce pasta at home, follow this easy method


Required Ingredients:

- Four cups of boiled pasta

- Four tbsp all-purpose flour

- Four cups of milk

- Four tsp garlic

- 1/2 cup green capsicum

- 1/2 yellow capsicum

- 1/2 capsicum

- 4 tbsp butter

- 3 tbsp Dried herbs

- 1 cup grated chili

- 1/2 cup broccoli

- 2 tsp chili flakes

- 2 pinches black pepper

- Salt to taste

Make it this way:

First of all mix milk, flour, and salt well in a big bowl.

Now heat butter in a pan and fry the garlic in it for some time.

Now cook all three types of capsicum in it for three minutes.

Now you also put broccoli in it.

After the broccoli is cooked, add chili flakes, mixed herbs, cheese, and salt to it.

After a while, add boiled pasta to it and cook for three minutes.

In this way your white sauce pasta becomes.