Recipe Tips: Urad Dal Vada is very tasty, and very easy to make


Required Ingredients:

Cabbage - Four

gram flour - One cup

Green chilies - Ten

red chili powder - Two tsp

Carrot - One cup

Masoor dal - Two cups

Chana dal - Two cups

Green onions - One cup

Turmeric powder


Garam masala powder

Dry mango powder 


Method of preparation: 

First of all soak Masoor Dal and Chana Dal in water for two hours.

Keep aside half a cup of lentils from it.

Now coarsely grind the soaked lentils and green chilies together in a mixie.

Now add all the vegetables, gram flour, salt, spices, and the kept-aside lentils to this pulse.

Make vadas of lentils with wet palms.

Now heat oil in a pan and fry the vadas in it till they turn golden.

In this way, your delicious Urad Dal Vada is made.