Recipe Tips: These delicious laddus made from makhana will give energy to Navratri fast!


Ingredients Required:

Makhana - 100 grams

  • cashew nuts - fifty grams
  • almonds - fifty grams
  • dry coconut - one
  • white sesame - two spoons 
  • jaggery - two hundred grams 
  • water - half a cup
  • desi ghee - four spoons
  • pistachios - two spoons 
  • raisins
  • cardamom powder


Method of preparation: 

First of all, fry the makhana in ghee. 

After frying the makhana, take them out on a plate. 

After cooling down a bit, grind them in a mixer jar and make powder. 

Now heat the pan and dry roast the cashews and almonds. 

After this, dry coconut powder should also be lightly roasted. 

Now put these things in a mixer jar and grind them. 

Now mix the ground makhana in it. 

Along with this, add sesame seeds, cardamom powder, and remaining dry roast dry fruits to this mixture. 

Now mix this mixture well in jaggery syrup. 

When it cools down, make laddus with your hands.