Recipe Tips: Red Velvet Balls are beneficial for health, it is very easy to make


Beetroot is very beneficial for health. Today we are going to tell you the method of making red velvet balls made of beetroot, which are beneficial for health. By consuming it, the hemoglobin and blood flow of the person increases. 

Required Ingredients: 

Chopped Beetroot- 500 grams

Ghee- One cup 

Sugar-600 grams

Nutmeg powder- Two tablespoon

Milk- Half cup

grated Carrot- 500 grams

Green cardamom- Two tablespoon

Coconut- Half cup

Mix dry fruits- 200 grams


Method of preparation: -

First of all, put ghee in a pan and fry the mixed dry fruits for five minutes.

Now put ghee in a pan and fry the beetroot and carrot. 

When it becomes soft, add sugar to it. 

When the sugar melts, add the fried mixed dry fruits to it.

Now put milk in it.

After it is cooked, add cardamom powder, and coconut also. 

Now make balls after this mixture cools down. 

Now heat ghee in a pan and fry these balls. 

In this way your red velvet balls are ready.