Recipe Tips: Punjabi style Bhature are also very tasty, prepare in this way


Chole-Bhature is a very tasty dish. Many people are seen relishing it at the cart. Have you ever tasted Bhature made in Punjabi style? Otherwise, today we are going to tell you the easy way to make this delicious Bhature. 

Required Ingredients:

Maida - Four cups

Semolina - Four tablespoons

Baking soda - Half teaspoon

Curd - Half cup

Sugar - Two teaspoons



Make it like this: 

Mix flour, semolina, sugar, baking soda, oil, salt, and curd in a vessel. 

Now knead this mixture with the help of water. 

After some time make dough of flour. 

Now roll this dough on a griddle and fry it in oil. 

Take it out of the oil after it turns golden brown. 

Now you taste these Bhaturas with Chol.