Recipe Tips: Potato pudding is also very tasty, definitely add these things


You must have tasted potato samosa many times, but have you ever tasted potato pudding. Potato pudding is also very tasty. You have hardly tasted it. Today we are going to tell you the method of making it. It is easily made in very less time.


Ingredients required:

- One kilogram of boiled potatoes

- Two cups of sugar

- Almonds, cashews, pistachios

- Dry coconut

- 1 tablespoon desi ghee

- Raisins


Make it in this way:

First of all mash the potatoes in a bowl.

Now heat ghee in a pan and cook the potatoes in it on medium heat.

When the potatoes start leaving ghee, add sugar to it.

When the sugar dissolves, add raisins and dry fruits to it and cook for seven minutes.

Now add grated coconut and dry fruits of your choice to it.

In this way, your delicious potato pudding is made.