Recipe Tips: Poha fritters are also very tasty, definitely add this thing


Required Ingredients:

- Two cups of poha

- One cup grated bottle gourd

- One cup grated carrot

- Two teaspoons of ginger-green chili paste

- Two teaspoons of sugar

- Half a teaspoon turmeric powder

- One cup of curd

- One cup of water

- Ten tablespoons Gram flour

- Oil

- Half a cup green peas

- One tsp red chili powder


- Two tsp oil

- Four tsp white sesame seeds

- Two tsp mustard seeds

- Half tsp asafoetida

Make it this way:

First of all, mix poha, curd, and water in a bowl and keep it covered for half an hour.

Now mix all the remaining ingredients in it.

Now heat the oil and put mustard seeds, asafoetida, and white sesame seeds in it.

Now put it in the poha mixture.

Now heat oil in a pan and fry the pakodas of the mixture.

Serve with green chutney.