Recipe Tips: Peanut Bhel can be made in minutes, make it delicious by adding these ingredients


Required Ingredients:

Mix Namkeen - One cup

Roasted Peanuts - One cup

Onion - Two

Tomatoes - Two

Green Chillies - Four

Lemon Juice - Two Teaspoon

Mustard Oil - Two

Teaspoon Pomegranate Seeds - Four Tablespoon

Tamarind Chutney - Two Tablespoon

Mint Leaves - 15


Black salt

Green coriander chopped - four tablespoons

Chaat masala - one teaspoon

Red chili powder - one teaspoon


Method of preparation: -

First of all peel off the roasted peanuts.

Now put them in a big bowl.

Now put all the remaining things in this bowl.

Now mix them well.

In this way your delicious peanut bhel is ready.