Recipe Tips: Papaya pudding is very tasty, definitely add these things while making it at home


Papaya is very beneficial for health. You must have drunk its juice too many times, but have you ever eaten papaya pudding? So today we are going to tell you the method of making papaya pudding. It is very tasty. 


Required Ingredients: 

Papaya - 500 grams 

Khoya - 100 grams

Ghee - three tablespoons 

milk - two cups

cashew nuts - half cup

cardamom powder - half tsp

water - half cup 

sugar - two tbsp


Method of preparation: 

First, peel the papaya and mash it.

Now heat ghee in a pan and fry papaya paste well in it. 

After this, add milk to it and cook it for ten minutes. 

Now add mawa/khoya, cardamom powder, cashew, and sugar in it. 

Let this mixture cook till the water dries up. 

In this way your papaya pudding is ready.