Recipe Tips: Nawabi Paneer is very tasty, definitely add these things


Required Ingredients:

Paneer - 500 grams

Butter - two tablespoon

curd (thick) - one cup

cream - four tablespoon

red chili powder - two teaspoon

black pepper powder - two teaspoon

cumin - four tablespoon

milk - two cups

green chili - Char

Kasoori Fenugreek - 4 tbsp

Oil - 4 tbsp

Cashew - cup


Cinnamon - 1 inch


Water - 1 cup

Method of preparation: -

First of all, cook the spices in a pan for some time and grind them in a mixer. 

Now put butter and oil in a pan and cook dry spices in it. 

Now add ground spice paste to it and cook it. 

Now add curd to it and mix it well. 

Keep adding milk slowly for a while. 

When it becomes thick, add paneer to it and let it cook for 10 minutes. 

In this way your Nawabi Paneer is ready.