Recipe Tips: Kerala Parathas are very tasty, this is an easy way to make


You must have tasted plain roti, tandoori roti, naan, and plain paratha many times, but have you ever tasted Kerala paratha? Otherwise, today we are going to tell you how to make delicious Kerala Paratha at home.


Ingredients required:

Maida - Four cups

celery - Two teaspoon

ghee - Six tablespoon



Method of preparation:

First of all, sift the flour in a utensil and add celery, ghee, and salt to it and knead it with the help of water.

Now cover this dough with a cloth and let it rest for 30 minutes.

Now make small balls of equal proportion from this flour.

Now roll one ball like a roti and roll the other ball over it.

Now make a roll of this roti.Now roll this roll into a round shape and roll it again.

Now heat the pan and apply ghee to it.

Now bake the paratha on it from both sides.

In this way, your delicious Kerala Parathas are made.