Recipe Tips: Have you tasted the taste of homemade pav bhaji, make it delicious by adding these things


Ingredients required:

Onion - Four

Ginger-garlic paste - Four spoons

Carrot - Two cups

Red chili powder - Two spoons

Turmeric powder - Two spoons

Coriander powder - Two spoons

Garam masala - Two spoons

Chaat masala - Two spoons

Pav Bhaji masala - Two spoons

Tomato puree - Two spoons

Coriander leaves - Two cups

Bottle gourd - Two cups

Capsicum - Two cups

Potatoes - Ten

butter - Four spoons

Paneer - Two cups



Method of preparation:

First of all, heat butter in a pan and cook the onion till it turns golden.

Now fry ginger-garlic paste and add tomato paste to it.

After this, add turmeric, red chili powder, gourd, capsicum, carrot, and coriander powder to it.

After this, add mashed potatoes as well as salt, pav bhaji masala, and water to the mixture.

Cook well after adding carrot, gourd, bhaji, and chaat masala for a while. After this add chaat masala to it.

Now put ghee in the pan and bake it.

Add onion, tomato, paneer, and green coriander over the bhaji and taste it with pav.