Recipe Tips: Have you tasted Pumpkin Burfi? These things make delicious


Required Ingredients: 

Pumpkin - Half kg

Desi Ghee - Two tablespoon

Cashew - Six 

Cardamom - Three 

Pistachios - Half tablespoon 

Sugar - 125 gm

Khoya (Mawa) - 125 gm

Almond - six 

Make it this way: 

First, peel the pumpkin and take out its seeds. 

Now grate it. 

Heat ghee in a pan and cook the pumpkin till it becomes soft. 

Now add sugar to it.

After the water of the pumpkin dries completely, put the remaining ghee in it and fry it. 

Now add mawa and dry fruits to it and cook till it becomes thick. 

Now put cardamom powder in it and turn off the flame.

Now put this mixture in a smooth plate of ghee and let it cool. 

After freezing, cut it into the shape of a barfi.