Recipe Tips: Have you tasted Dry-Fruits Kachori? it is very easy to make


Dry fruits are very beneficial for health. You can also make shortbread out of them. Today we are going to tell you the method of making dry-fruits shortbread, it is very tasty.

Required Ingredients:

- Two cups all-purpose flour

- Eight almonds

- 10 Cashew nuts

- Two tablespoons grated coconut

- Two teaspoon of ghee

- Oil for frying

- 15 Raisins

- Four dates

- Pinch of salt

Make it this way:

First of all knead the dough by mixing flour, salt, ghee, a little oil, and water in a bowl.

Now prepare the stuffing by mixing grated coconut in raisins, dates, almonds, and cashews.

Now make balls of dough and put the stuffing in it.

Now heat oil in a pan and deep fry the kachoris.

In this way, your delicious kachoris are made.