Recipe Tips: Have you ever tasted Paneer Aloo Kebab, prepare it in this way


Required ingredients:

- Eight-boiled potatoes

- Four hundred grams of paneer

- Two finely chopped onions

- One small cup of schezwan sauce

- Four cups of all-purpose flour

- One cup of corn flour

- Salt

- Chilli flakes

- Ajwain

Make it like this:

First of all, mix paneer and mashed potatoes in a vessel.

Now add salt, schezwan sauce, chili flakes, and carom seeds to it. Now add refined flour to this mixture and knead it to make a dough.

Now add little water to the corn floor.

Now flatten the dough and dip it in corn flour solution and deep fry it in oil.

In this way, your Paneer Aloo Kebab is made.