Recipe Tips: Delicious milk cake can be made easily at home, this is the method


Ingredients required:

Milk - Three liters

Sugar - 300 grams

Cream - Six tablespoons of Maize

flour - 3 teaspoons

Lemon juice - One and a half teaspoons

Tartric powder - One and a half teaspoons


Cardamom powder - One and a half teaspoons

Make it this way: 

First, boil the milk and add tartaric powder (a pinch) and lemon juice to it. 

During the curdling of milk, add sugar to it. 

Keep cooking this milk till it thickens. 

After the milk thickens, add saffron to it. 

Now put this mixture in a smooth plate of ghee and let it cool. 

Now put cardamom powder on top of it. 

Now cut it.