Recipe Tips: Coconut Barfi is very easy to make, it can be made delicious by adding these things


Coconut is very beneficial for health. Today we are going to tell you how to make Coconut Barfi. It becomes very tasty when prepared with our method. Everyone will love this coconut barfi. 

Required Ingredients:

Sugar - 400 grams

Mawa - 400 grams Grated coconut -

400 grams 

Color - 2 tsp

Ghee - as required


Method of preparation: 

First of all, by heating half a glass of water in a pan, prepare sugar syrup by adding sugar to it. 

Now add mawa to it. 

After this, put coconut in it as well. 

Now separate this mixture into two parts, and mix the color of your choice in one.

Now spread the colorless mixture first and then the colored mixture on a smooth plate of ghee. 

Now cut it as per your wish.

In this way your delicious barfi is ready.