Recipe Tips: Amritsar's famous Aloo Tikki is very tasty, must add these things


Required ingredients: 

Ingredients for covering

- Two boiled potatoes

- One tablespoon cornflour

- Turmeric powder

- Half teaspoon ginger

- Green chili paste as needed

- Lemon juice

- Half tablespoon sugar

- Salt as per taste

Filling ingredients:

- Half cup moong Boiled

- 1.5 tbsp Green Coconut Chutney

- Mix Onion 

- Tomato

- Black Salt

- Chaat Masala

- Cumin Powder 

- Raw Mango 

- Green Coriander

- Ginger - Green Chili Paste

- Lemon Juice

- Oil

Make it in this way:

First of all mix the ingredients of the covering well.

Mix the filling ingredients separately there.

Fill the filling ingredients in the covering mixture and make patties.

Now fry it crispy in oil.