Recipe: Tamarind rice will give you an amazing taste, learn how to make it!


Everyone loves to eat rice. But if you are bored of eating the same old-fashioned rice, then we have brought you the recipe for tamarind rice which is sour and sweet. This flavor is very much liked in South India. Let us know how you can make it.


Required Ingredients

2 cups cooked rice

cup Groundnut seeds (roasted)

1 tbsp Urad dal (without skin)

2 Green chilies chopped

1 tsp jaggery

4 tbsp tamarind paste

1 tsp mustard seeds

आधा tsp turmeric powder

1 pinch asafoetida

2 dry red chilies

4 to 5 curry leaves


oil to taste



Cool the rice in a vessel. After this, sprinkle turmeric and salt on the rice and mix it,

then you have to heat oil in a pan on gas and put urad dal and peanuts inside it and fry it on medium flame.

If the lentils turn golden, add curry leaves, mustard seeds, green chilies, and red chilies. You have to fry it for a minute.

Now add asafoetida, jaggery, tamarind paste, and salt to the pan and mix it well.

Then you have to cook the tamarind mixture till it becomes thick.

Switch off the gas and add the tamarind mixture to the cooked rice and mix it well.

Tasty Tamarind Rice is ready.