Recipe- Take the taste of Sabudana Dosa during the fast of Sawan, it will be ready in minutes.


Necessary Ingredients

Sabudana - 1.5 cup

Rice - 1 cup

Poha - cup

Urad dal - cup

Salt -

Ghee according to taste - as required

Fenugreek seeds - tsp


If you want to make Sabudana Dosa, then for that you have to soak sago, urad dal, poha, rice, and fenugreek seeds in water in separate utensils for a while. Keep the poha in water only for 1-2 minutes or else it will melt more. In the mixer, add urad dal, sago, fenugreek seeds, and poha and blend it. Add some water to it, this paste should not be too thick. 


Take out this paste and keep it in the vessel and then grind the rice in the same way by adding a little water. Add rice paste to the paste prepared from other ingredients and mix well. Now add salt to it as per taste. Leave it to ferment for 1-2 hours.

When it becomes firm, heat it well by placing a nonstick tava (griddle) on the gas. Now apply a small amount of ghee to the pan and sprinkle a little water and wipe the pan with a cloth. This will prevent the dosa paste from sticking to the pan. Now spread the dosa batter in a circular motion with the help of a large spoon or ladle on the pan. 

Now pour a little ghee and turn it on the other side. You can bake it till it turns golden brown. Very crispy and nutritious special fruit sabudana dosa is ready. If you want, eat it on its own or you can also serve it with sambar or coconut chutney.