Recipe Of The Day: On Ganesh Chaturthi Offer modak to Ganpati Bappa, know how to make them...


If you want, you can prepare the traditional Modak of Maharashtra by making it for Lord Ganesha. It's not difficult to make. With just this simple recipe, you can prepare modaks in no time. So let's know what is the easy recipe to make Modak.


Ingredients for Modak
If you want to prepare traditional modak, then you will need two cups of rice flour, one spoon of desi ghee, one cup of grated coconut, two spoons of jaggery, two tablespoons of finely chopped cashew nuts and almonds, and ground cardamom.

How to make Modak
To make the modak, first, prepare the stuffing and prepare it. Take coconut and grate it. Now put the pan on the gas and add one spoon of desi ghee to it. Add grated coconut together. After frying lightly, add jaggery to it. While adding the jaggery, cut it into small pieces. So that they melt easily. Mix jaggery with coconut. Cook on low flame. Also, add ground cardamom. When the jaggery is well coated on the coconut. So turn off the gas and take out the mixture from the pan on a plate. Modak stuffing is ready.

Now take rice flour to make the outer layer of the modak. Put water in a pan and heat it. Put ghee in it. When the water boils, add rice flour to it. Mix it well. Switch off the gas flame and cover it. When the rice flour becomes half cooked, take it out on a plate. After it cools down slightly, knead this dough by applying ghee on the hands.


Use a mold if you want to make modaks. Or take a small ball in your hands and press it and make a space in the middle. Then fill it with coconut stuffing and close it well and give it the shape of modak. Keep all these modaks in a muslin cloth. Prepare a steamer and let these modaks cook in it for ten to fifteen minutes.