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Loves to eat something tasty with evening tea. If you also want to remove evening cravings, then prepare Kabuli Chana Tikki by making it. Not only will it be spicy and tasty, but it is also beneficial for health. Different dishes can be prepared with the help of things kept in the kitchen. Just a little hard work is needed. So let's know the recipe for making Kabuli Chana Tikki.


Ingredients for making Kabuli Chana Tikki
To make Kabuli Chana Tikki or Cutlet, you will need one cup Kabuli Chana, Parsley or Green Onion, White Sesame, two spoons, Lemon Juice, Onion Finely Chopped, Green Coriander, Garlic Buds, Roasted Cumin, Salt as per taste, Green Chillies Oil for frying.

How to make Kabuli Chana
To make Kabuli Chana Tikki, you need to prepare in advance. Soak the chickpeas for five to six hours. When the chickpeas swell well. Then put them in the cooker and cook them. After cooking the gram, take it out in a bowl.

Now add green onion or parsley, sesame, garlic, cumin, green chili, and lemon juice to these cooked grams and mix it well. Make the chickpea gram into a fine paste. To make a paste, grind chickpeas in a mixer and grind them. But there is no need to make it a very fine paste. Just grind it coarsely. Take it out in a bowl and mix everything well. Then add salt and red chili powder to it.


Now make small balls of this mixture and give it a flat shape. You can give it round or oval if you want. Just heat the oil in a pan and fry all these cutlets till they turn golden. If you do not want to deep fry it, then you can bake it by adding oil to the pan. Just serve it hot with cheesy dip or green chutney.