Recipe Of The Day: Make delicious Bread Khoya Roll, know the recipe here...


On the occasion of festivals, today we are telling you, the easy method of making Bread Khoya Roll. Due to the increasing busyness of festivals, you can make it even a day before. So must try this easy sweet recipe.


4 slices of bread (side-cut)
1-1 cup khoya (mashed), sugar, and milk
1/4 cup cashew almonds (chopped)
half tsp cardamom powder
half cup coconut (grated)
a pinch of orange food color
half a cup of water
oil for frying


Make a wire syrup by mixing sugar and water in a pan.

Put khoya in the pan and fry till the aroma comes.

The orange food color mix turns off the flame.

When it cools down, add sugar, chopped cashew almonds, and cardamom powder and make a roll in an oval shape.

Dip the bread in milk and squeeze it with a light hand, so that the excess milk comes out.

Place the khoya roll in the center of the bread and seal it well.

Fry the rolls in hot oil till golden brown.

Then take out the bread roll by dipping it in sugar syrup for 1 minute and serve it wrapped in grated coconut.