Recipe Of The Day: Make Lauki Parathas For Brunch, Will Be Ready In Minutes, know the recipe here...


Lauki Paratha Recipe: Stuffed Paratha tastes very delicious. For breakfast, people often like to eat stuffed parathas with tea or curd. Stuff paratha also has many options. But if you want to try a new taste in stuffed paratha then you can make lauki paratha. You can make Lauki Paratha with evening tea or when you have a slight appetite. It is easy to make. Here is the recipe for making Lauki Paratha.


Lauki, Flour, Finely Chopped Onion, Cumin, Red Chili Powder, Coriander Powder, Oil, and Salt.

Step 1 - To make Lauki Paratha, first, peel the bottle gourd and grate it.

Step 2- Now finely chop the onion and mix it with a grated bottle gourd.

Step 3- Add red chili powder, coriander powder, and cumin to this mixture and mix.

Step 4- Now add flour to it and knead it. Knead the dough by adding little water as required.

Step 5- Keep the dough covered for five minutes. After the specified time, once again knead the dough till it becomes soft.

Step 6- Now heat a nonstick pan or tawa in medium flame. Put some oil on the pan and spread it.


Step 7- Till the time the tawa is hot, prepare uniform balls of dough.

Step 8- Then roll out round or triangular-shaped parathas and put them on the pan and roast them.

Step 9- Roast the paratha till it turns golden brown from both sides. When the paratha becomes crispy, take it out on a plate.

Step-10- Lauki paratha is ready, serve with chutney, sauce, or raita.