Recipe Of The Day: If not tamarind, then make jaggery chutney in this way, know the method...


Sour and sweet chutney often tastes good with snacks. But did not know the right way to make sweet chutney. Tamarind is often needed for sweet chutney. But even if the tamarind is exhausted in the house, even sour sweet chutney can be prepared by making it. If you are fond of sweet chutney, then prepare chutney with jaggery and tomato. I Will like its taste. So let's know how to prepare jaggery and tomato chutney.


Jaggery and Tomato Chutney
If you do not have tamarind in your house then you can prepare chutney by mixing jaggery with tomato. For this, you will need half kg tomato, 100 grams jaggery, one teaspoon oil, half teaspoon turmeric, red chili powder, half teaspoon vinegar, chaat masala, salt as per taste, and black pepper powder.

How to make Jaggery and Tomato Chutney
To make the chutney, first, wash and clean the tomatoes. Crush the black pepper well. Chop the tomatoes and grind them in a mixer jar. Heat oil in a pan. Once the oil is hot, add tomato paste to it. Cook the tomatoes for about five to six minutes. Then add half a teaspoon of turmeric, a little red chili, salt, and ground black pepper to this paste and mix.


Leave all the spices on low flame to cook for some time. When this paste becomes thick, add jaggery to it. When the jaggery starts melting, add water to it. When it starts to cook, add a teaspoon of vinegar at the end. Just cook it a little and turn off the gas. Jaggery and tomato chutney is ready. You can serve it with parathas or any other snack like Pani puri, Tikki, chaat, or bhel. You will not miss the tamarind chutney at all.