Recipe Of The Day: Give a twist to lentils with this recipe, the taste of everyday food will change, know here...


Recipe Of The Day: Dal rice is cooked almost daily in Indian kitchens. Dal-rice is such a food, which is eaten all over the country. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, people prepare pulses in different ways and include them in their daily meals. Lentils are also good for health and also within the budget. Many people consider a meal incomplete without pulses. If you want a change in the taste of lentils, then give a twist to the lentils in some easy ways. Keep a few things in mind while making pulses. The taste of dal will also change and the food will be different from the everyday. Here are some tips to change the taste of dal.


Give a twist to the tempering
The taste of dal gets doubled by its tempering. Tadka dal is liked by almost everyone. In such a situation, if you always give tadka to the dal, then you can give a twist to the dal by changing the tempering. Different types of tempering can be applied to the pulses every day. Like sometimes tempering cumin, and sometimes frying lentils with mustard. Curry leaves can also be given. Apart from this, tadka of drumstick beans, tadka of onion-tomato, and tadka of dry red chili can be given.

Ghee will enhance the taste of pulses
Along with tempering the pulses, you can also use ghee. Dal tastes better with ghee. That's why you can temper ghee while making dal. However, if the tempering of drumstick beans is being given, then the tempering of oil is given.

Mix dal
If you are bored of eating the same type of pulses, then you can make mixed pulses to give a twist to the pulses. Make a mixture of two pulses or make Panchmel Dal from Rajasthani or Punjabi recipe. Its taste will also be different from the daily dal and you will get something new in the food.


Add garlic
You can change the taste of dal by adding garlic while making it. While boiling lentils, add two cloves of garlic, one chopped green chili, and a little asafoetida. This will give both garlic flavor and asafoetida flavor to the dal.